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Replacing Your Door Window Regulator

Posted by Jaime Block on May 24, 2016

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Believe it or not, a Door Window Regulator is an important part of your vehicle being able to work and function properly.  Are you unable to raise or lower your car’s power windows?  Did you know that the process is done by a motor inside your car door? 

If your vehicle has power windows, which is pretty likely today, and any of them stop working, there is a reason.   It usually means the power window motor has failed and needs to be replaced.

At AGD, We know a non- working car window is a hassle (Remember the last time you went through a drive through or pull up ATM?) but did you know it’s also a safety hazard? Inoperable car windows can leave you trapped inside your car in an accident. Let AGD’s trained professionals get your windows rolling again. We use only OEM replacement motors and controls. Our skilled technicians are familiar with just about every make and model of vehicle, so the utmost care is taken to make sure door panels are removed correctly.

In the past, we have had to fix work done by fly-by-night shops that break door panel clips, install cheap aftermarket parts, and ultimately cause more damage and waste more of your time. Our techs will make sure your windows work as they did when your car came off the line. All while preserving those delicate internal parts without leaving any sign of the work we performed.

With summer already here, the Arizona heat will take its toll on the interior of your car. Being able to use your power windows again will allow you to vent all that heat when you get into your car. Not to mention you won’t be embarrassed the next time you go through a drive-thru.

Don’t forget we can also tint your windows, replace your windshield, and restore your headlights and so much more.  AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co is your full service auto glass repair shop in the Tempe area.

We believe in doing business the right way, where we have the customer in mind first.

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