UTV Windshield Film

Nothing is worse than a cracked windshield on your Razor or Can-Am off road vehicle. There’s always a risk when driving that a rogue rock or other road debris could impact your windshield and cause a chip or crack. And, when you are off-roading, the chance of accidentally damaging your windshield is much higher. Whether you are in a car, Polaris, or other UTV, your windshield is an important safety feature so protecting it is a wise investment. To prevent damage and maximize your vehicle’s durability and safety, get windshield protection film professionally installed!

Our Windshield Film Works Great on Razors, Polaris, Can-Am and Much More

UTV windshield film is a transparent film that, when professionally applied, is invisible to the eye but will stop things like rock chips and damage from other outside elements from occurring. In fact, UTV window film can increase the impact resistance of your windshield by 6X! At AGD, our expert craftsmen will apply the thin, transparent film to the exterior of your windshield. And while the film is invisible, the protection it provides is very real. Stop worrying about windshield damage when off-roading in your Polaris, Razor or Can-Am and get back to enjoying your adventure with safety and security thanks to UTV windshield film.

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Rugged Defense for Off-Road Adventures

Durable UTV Windshield Protection Film

To prevent damage and maximize your vehicle’s durability and safety, get windshield protection film professionally installed!

UTV Windshield Film Enhances Vehicle Safety

UTV windshield film significantly enhances your vehicle’s safety by increasing windshield impact resistance by as much as 6X.

Off-Road Vehicles Need UTV Windshield Film 

The hard surface of UTV Windshield Film makes your Polaris or other UTV’s windshield resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks so that your adventures are never slowed down by windshield damage.

Professional UTV Windshield Film Installation 

At AGD, we are certified UTV windshield protection installation partners which means your windshield film will be installed correctly to optimize appearance and performance. 


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Superior Protection Film for UTV Windshields

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