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Best In Class Auto Glass Best In Class Auto Glass
Best In Class Auto Glass

We service all makes and models cars, trucks, SUV, diesels, heavy equipment and only use OEM or equivalent glass as well as our 30min safe drive away urethane.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Mobile Windshield Replacement
Mobile Windshield Replacement

With our free mobile auto glass service, we will come to you at any location throughout Arizona. Our fully stocked vans will arrive on-site to handle your glass repair needs quickly and efficiently.

Auto Glass Warranty Auto Glass Warranty
Auto Glass Warranty

Lifetime warranty on automotive glass workmanship and defects for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. This covers any leaks, loose moldings, or defects in the glass. This warranty does not cover any new damage.

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We have extensive experience in the auto glass industry and have been growing successfully since 2000. We specialize in automotive glass repair, glass replacement, windshield repair, windshield replacement, and window film and tinting.  We efficiently handle the auto glass, commercial and residential needs of our clients while offering dedicated service and absolute commitment to excellence.


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Auto Glass Services in Arizona

Windshield Repair
Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is often a cost-effective alternative to replacement, especially for smaller types and sizes of cracks.

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Windshield Replacement
Windshield Replacement

We offer top-quality windshield and auto glass replacement for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, domestic, foreign, and luxury models.

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Window Tinting
Window Tinting

Our meticulous application process guarantees craftsmanship without defects. You also have the option to select superior-quality tints with additional warranties.

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Power Window Repair
Power Window Repair

If your power window is stuck, slow, falling into the door, or broken, it's often due to a faulty window regulator, which we can repair.

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Mobile Glass Replacement
Mobile Glass Replacement

A chip or crack is a safety issue that requires prompt attention, and we understand the value of your time in today's busy world with our mobile services.

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Locally Owned & Operarated

We’re a proud, locally-owned business with deep roots in our community since 2000, specializing in auto glass repair, replacement, windshield services, and window film and tinting. Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service and craftsmanship, reflecting our core values of trust, integrity, and quality. Actively engaged in the community, we invest in local charities and initiatives, upholding the values that define us as a responsible and dedicated member of the area we serve and love.

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Windshield Replacement FAQs

Whats the difference between my windshield and the other glass in my car?

Your windshield is made of laminate glass  which cracks when impacted upon. This glass is made with a plastic interlayer known as PVB (Poly vital butyrol) this material is what holds the two layers of glass together, and assists to keep occupants within the cabin of a vehicle and avoid ejection  in the case of a head on collision. The rest of the glass on a vehicle is known as tempered glass, this glass is known to shatter upon impact. The reason distributors make this glass to shatter, is to assist in avoiding injury when the glass is impacted upon, to the occupants inside the cab of a vehicle in the case of  a side or rear collision. 

How does my windshield protect me?

The windshield in an American automotive vehicle is a regulated safety device with the same priority level of a seat belt. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) states that the windshield needs to protect occupants by so many pounds per square inch, with the bonding of automotive urethane around the complete perimeter of the windshield glass. This is designed to support occupants coming toward it in the case of a collision, to prevent ejection. The windshield is one of the main contributors in the support of the front framing of the A-pillars of an automotive vehicle in the case of a roll over.

I have a crack or a chip in my windshield, how important is it to fix?

It is extremely important to fix your windshield as soon as the outer or inner layers of glass have been compromised. Each chip or crack deteriorates the integrity of the glass, and its purpose to protect occupants.

What is OEM auto glass?

The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The meaning to this term relates to the auto glass industry meaning that an automotive maker or partner that had originally developed parts or concepts for the vehicle when it was first produced. As a consumer, it is important to understand that there is no significant difference in standards of OEM equipment an aftermarket part maker, as they are all required to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to be eligible to be installed in a vehicle. Commonly, an OEM piece of equipment will have the vehicle’s manufacturing logo on the glass product.

What is OEE auto glass?

The term OEE stands for Original Equipment Equivalent. The meaning to this term relates to the auto glass industry meaning that an automotive maker or partner has the current licensing to develop parts for a vehicle when the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contract expires. As a consumer, it is important to understand that there is no significant difference in standards of OEE equipment and OEM equipment part makers, as they are all required to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to be eligible to be installed in a vehicle.

What do I need to know to choose the right auto glass company?

As a consumer, it is extremely important that you choose an auto glass company that is reputable through many sources such as the state’s Better Business Bureau, and a local Corporation Commission. Your windshield is a safety feature of your vehicle so an installer must be experienced. Company’s of great standing have lifetime warranty on workmanship and defects, and can present many positive customer reviews.

Whats the best warranty in the auto glass business?

In the auto glass business, the greatest warranty is one providing a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship and defects of a product and installation. Company’s that offer short warranties may not be able to confidently guarantee their work, and may not have quality services. A glass company that is honest and holds strong integrity, will guarantee a proper warranty. If a customer provides a shop with a product, the warranty may change, as a company can not guarantee the effectiveness of a product they did not purchase, but can guarantee the installation.

Which is better, mobile auto glass services, or in shop services?

Mobile or in shop automotive glass services are offered for convenience of the customer. Some auto glass shops may request a customer to come in shop, if a specific part requires multiple people or specific tools and devices. Most of all auto glass services can be down mobile unless weather permits a safe removal and installation.

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