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Paint Protection

Paint protection services with quality customer care & service in Tempe & Phoenix, Arizona.


Paint protection is a great solution here in the Arizona desert.  Small rocks and debris from the roads can cause damage to your paint.  We offer paint protection as a great option to solve this common problem.  Our paint protection application to the front of your vehicle helps prevent damage caused by rocks, gravel, or insects through the thin and virtually invisible paint protection film. This helps bumpers, front parts, thresholds, lights, edging and other parts of car body parts from damage. It works well for all vehicles and is a great solution in desert regions like Arizona where there is often rock and debris on the roads.

Paint Protection Benefits

  • Proper maintenance of car
  • Protects your vehicle’s surface
  • Nearly invisibility
  • No-side effects
  • Preserves paint
  • Cost effective



The Best Vehicle Paint Protection Service

AGD’s experienced team of specialists provide you outstanding and efficient paint protection service!


Keep Your Vehicle Looking It’s Best with Paint Protection

You’ve invested a lot in your car so you should protect that investment with paint protection. Your car’s paint will stay looking as good as the day you bought your car!


AGD’s Paint Protection is Nearly Invisible!

AGD’s paint protection application is durable yet transparent so your car is protected from the elements and stays looking great!

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A Vehicle Paint Protection Service You Can Trust

Transparent vehicle paint protection is incredibly popular because it is an inexpensive way to protect your vehicle. When you are driving on any road there are naturally elements that your car will come into contact with. Small rocks and debris will pop up and hit the front of your vehicle and slowly chip away at the paint over time. But, this doesn’t have to happen to your vehicle! At AGD, our experienced and knowledgeable team carefully apply clear paint protection to the exterior of your vehicle which acts as a nearly invisible barrier.

Why Choose AGD for Vehicle Paint Protection Application?

  • AGD’s specialists apply clear paint protection to the front of your vehicle to prevent damage.
  • Expertly applied vehicle paint protection prevents paint damage from rocks, insects, and debris.
  • Fast and cost-effective professional paint protection application.
  • Convenient mobile vehicle paint protection application – we come to you!

Our Customer Support

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