There is more to Window Tinting than meets the eye. Window Tint or Film has been around for a long time. Factory glass comes pre-tinted using coloring techniques not available in the after-market applications. That’s OK because you still have many options for professional tinting that suits your budget and the look and feel that you desire. Not all tint is the same and we’ll show you some of the differences. In Arizona you can get many different brands of tint.


Our clean application process is done in a way to ensure against any defects in craftsmanship – guaranteed. However, you may want to choose a Tint that carries additional warranties and provides a quality that is superior to the others. All of our window tinting packages are fine options, but one may fit your needs better than the others do. Let’s take a look.

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  • Cool Your Vehicle

    Cooling the vehicles interior from 40% to 70% while lowering the amount of radiating heat coming through the glass into the vehicle .

  • Passenger Privacy

    Passenger privacy while in the comfort of the vehicle , eliminating up to 66% reflection of passing objects and the sun .

  • Security Barrier

    Security barrier of intruders looking to target your personal belongings in the vehicle assuring of less visibility of interior of vehicle while looking through the glass.

  • 99% UV Rejection

    99% UV rejection from the sun's harmless rays from entering into the vehicle and better yet protecting your eyes and skin .

  • Windshield Sun Visor

    Windshield sun visor tint strip , assisting in keeping the sun out of your eyes while traveling . Most sun visor tint strips are rated 5% to give the most benefit , as well legal in most states like Arizona

Enhance Your Drive with Style & Comfort

Vehicle Window Tint

Enhance your vehicle’s comfort and style with our professional window tinting services.

Window Tint On Any Vehicle

AGD can expertly apply window tint to any vehicle with a quality of craftsmanship that is unparalleled.

Keep Out Those Harmful UV Rays

Vehicle window tint protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays which protects your eyes and skin.Our automotive window film can provide up to SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays.

Improve Privacy & Safety

Vehicle window tint reduces visibility into your vehicle which improves privacy. It also keeps the sun out of your eyes while driving and creates a security barrier for added safety.

Heat Rejection

Block up to 98% of infrared heat


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Custom Window Tint Solutions

Work with a Vehicle Window Tint Service You Can Trust

When done correctly, vehicle window tint is an art that requires an experienced craftsman to expertly apply.  There are many different types of window tint and different ways to apply it. At AGD, we use the optimal techniques and materials to produce the vehicle window tint look and the benefits that you desire. We have a veteran team of tint technicians (master tinters?) with decades of experience. Our clean application process is unique and our specialist will assess your vehicle to help you determine which window tint will look best on your vehicle.

Why Choose AGD for Vehicle Window Tint?

  • Highly experienced specialists expertly apply vehicle window tint.
  • Superior materials and application technique.
  • Trustworthy, cost-effective, and efficient service.
  • Exceptional discounts and savings.
  • We can window tint any vehicle.

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