Driving with a broken or damaged side mirror is not only unsightly, it is dangerous. When you have a broken side mirror you cannot properly see who is next to you or behind you, putting you and others at risk for an accident. When you go to a dealership a broken side mirror can be costly to repair, even for minor repairs. At Auto Glass Direct our qualified and trained technicians can repair your side mirror quickly and effectively. We can repair side mirrors on any make and any model of vehicle. We can restore your side mirror to its original quality and get your safely back on the road.

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Ensure Your Safety


Enhance your driving safety with our precise side mirror repair, ensuring full visibility on the road.

Side Mirror Repair & Replacement On Any Vehicle

Whether your side mirror is broken and in need of repair, or is either too damaged or gone completely – the team at AGD can repair or replaced the side mirror on any vehicle make and model.

Reliable & Cost-Effective Side Mirror Repair & Replacement

Side mirror repair and replacement can be very expensive. At AGD, our team of trained and knowledgeable specialists will restore your side mirror to working order, or make any necessary replacements.

Side Window Repair & Replacement for Your Safety

When your side window is broken it is both unsightly and dangerous. Repair or replacement will make your driving much safer.


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Side Mirror Repair

Side Mirror Repair & Replacement Service You Can Trust

Your side mirror is one of your car’s most important safety features because it enhances your visibility of your surroundings when driving. Whether it is stuck and unable to move or has been hit and is dangling on the side of your car, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Side mirror repair can be very expensive at the dealership so leave it to the team of repair specialists at AGD to get the job done quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively.

Why Choose AGD for Side Mirror Repair & Replacement?

  • Experienced and knowledgeable specialists complete all side mirror repairs and replacements.
  • Improve your safety when driving by getting your side mirror repaired quickly.
  • Cheaper than car dealership side mirror repair and replacement.
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