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Tesla Model S Windshield Replacement Services

The Tesla Model S has brought a new style of driving and technology to our roads. The Model S is an all-electric powered vehicle. The Tesla Model S has brought a new style of vehicles with it running only on electricity, making this vehicle extremely silent to the human ear. However, as silent as this car may be while driving, the sight of a crack or chip on a windshield may be an eye sore.

Here at Auto Glass Direct our technicians are highly trained on working with the Tesla Model S. These vehicles come equipped with highly sensitive technology so a person that does not have the experience or knowledge to work on these vehicles may not do the job right and can cause a driving hazard for you on the road. We can be your one stop shop for your Tesla servicing needs such as windshield replacement, window tinting, glass replacement (i.e. door glass, quarter glass, vent glass, rear glass).


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