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** In shop chip repair offered at select AGD partner locations, most all work is completed dispatched mobile to you the customer from location nearest you for all auto glasss services including window tint.
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Windshield Replacement in Tempe

Tempe, Arizona is most commonly known for housing the Arizona State University Sun Devils with a vast amount of opportunity for education and personal growth. Tempe is the perfect spot for young adults, and adults looking to further you knowledge, or to live in the hip night life of the community events. Tempe has plenty of locations for families and groups to gather such as Tempe Town Lake, and many other parks and recreational areas like Papago Park which offers residents and tourists a chance to catch the beautiful sunset over the entire half of the valley.  In this location, you will find tons of shopping opportunities at stores like IKEA, the Wal-Mart Supercenter, Ashley’s Furniture store and more. Towards Priest and Warner, you can find the Tempe Sports Complex where athletes go to practice and prepare for game day.

Founded in the heart of Tempe, our team at Auto Glass Direct & Tint LLC. (AGD), both strives and succeeds in serving the local community, with all auto glass needs such as windshield replacement, windshield repair, auto glass tinting and more. At AGD we provide you with the best service possible, while also providing you with honesty and integrity and a service we stand behind with the best warranty in the valley. Whether you are looking to replace or repair your windshield through insurance, or pay out of pocket, we will meet all of your auto glass needs. We are a proud and preferred vendor with all auto insurance companies within and beyond the state of Arizona. If you or someone you know finds themselves in a place where you do not have proper auto insurance, we will work with you and your budget to service all of your auto glass needs at a fair and reasonable price to get you back on the road safely. When it comes to scheduling a windshield replacement, chip repair or even window tinting, we offer a mobile service at no additional charge to either you or your insurance company and can service your vehicle either same, day or when the most convenient time is for you.

When selecting the correct shop for your auto glass needs, think direct, think Auto Glass Direct. When our team has the opportunity to get you back on the road safely, we will make the process from calling out to your insurance company, offering you a quote, scheduling the work, and completing the service, as stress free and simple for you. After the work is completed, we honor all of our services with a lifetime warranty. We look forward to earning the opportunity to service your vehicle, and getting you back on the road safely.


AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. is an auto glass servicing company established in 2000 and is based in Tempe, Arizona with over 80 service centers around the state. We specialize in automotive glass repair & replacement, windshield repair & replacement, and window film and tinting, as well as residential and commercial window tinting.

Our service center located at 9950 S. Rural Road, Tempe caters to all types and models of foreign and locally manufactured vehicles- cars, sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, luxury cars, RVs, commercial fleet vehicles, etc.

We coordinate with your insurance carrier and assist you through the entire insurance claim process and filing of paper works. Even if you are not affiliated with an insurance company, we will take care of your auto glass needs. We offer lifetime warranty in all our services. True to our organization’s purpose and mission, quality of service and customer satisfaction are our priorities. We take pride in making Tempe a better and safer community to live in. We guarantee top quality and efficient service that is hassle-free, convenient, and tailored to meet your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

We offer the following services in AGD Tempe:

Vehicle Windshield and Window Tinting

We offer a variety of quality window tint packages that will fit in with your specific needs and budget. All of our tint applications have extended warranties available that can protect against accidental scratching and damage.

Windshield Repair, Replacement, and Installation

We assess the location and size of the damage/chip in your windshield and recommend the service that best suits your needs.

Vehicle Window Repair and Replacement

We cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle’s passenger window, rear door window, back glass window, quarter glass, and side mirrors. We can repair or replace windows of any vehicle make and model- from cars to SUVs, from trucks to RVs.

Power Window Repair and Replacement

We inspect your power window and make sure that your window regulator is in shape. With the help of our highly skilled technicians, we guarantee to keep your power window functioning properly to keep you, your family, and your vehicle safe.

Residential Window Tinting

Our architectural window film will enhance your window’s energy efficiency while helping protect your home’s interior from damaging rays.

Fleet Management

We have a variety of options for managing your fleet vehicles. We cater to rental vehicles, taxi cab services, construction vehicles, heavy equipment vehicles, specialty trucks, school buses, transport buses, commercial cars & truck, etc.

Contact us or visit our service shop for inquiries, instant & no-obligation quotations, and immediate appointments. We are open Mondays thru Saturdays, 6:00 AM-5:00 PM.


Windshield damages are not just an aesthetic issue but a safety feature as well. The windshield offers protection and provides support to your vehicle’s roof which is why proper installation is a non-negotiable. Small cracks or chips can be quickly fixed however, if they are more than 3-inches in width or length, a replacement is the best and most reasonable step to ensure your safety.

Here at AGD Tempe, we guarantee quality, fast, and affordable auto glass services. Depending on our expert assessment, we will recommend the service that best suits your needs: repair or replacement. We have highly-skilled technicians who will handle your vehicle with great care. We will walk you through the process of assessing, removing, replacing, and installing your windshield. We can also assist you with your insurance claims if needed. We guarantee only the most durable and the highest quality of materials for any make and model of vehicle. We assure you that your windshield will be replaced in no time so you can safely be back on the road.

We also repair and replace your vehicle’s rear windshield and other windows.

Have your auto glass assessed, repaired, and taken care of only by the best auto glass service company in Tempe. Give us a call or visit us in our shop for inquiries, quotations, and immediate appointments.


A damaged windshield is a safety issue above anything else. No matter how small the cracks on your windshield may be, it requires an immediate fix. Putting repairs aside may lead to a more serious damage and in turn, lead to higher safety risks and costs.

Here at AGD Tempe, we guarantee quality, fast, and affordable auto glass services. We have highly-skilled technicians who will handle your vehicle with great care. Depending on our expert assessment, we will recommend the service that best suits your needs: repair or replacement. We can also assist you with your insurance claims if needed. We guarantee only the most durable and the highest quality of materials. We make repairs for any make and model of vehicle. You can be assured that your vehicle is in good hands because our technicians are highly trained to get the job done excellently. Your windshield will get the repair it needs so you can safely be back on the road in no time.

We also repair your vehicle’s rear windshield and passenger windows.

Have your auto glass assessed, repaired, and taken care of only by the best auto glass service company in Tempe. Give us a call or visit us in our shop for inquiries, quotations, and immediate appointments.


There is more to window tinting than meets the eye. It is both an art and a science. Not only is it an aesthetic feature but also a necessity to help regulate the temperature inside your vehicle. The right window tint will also add to the comfort & convenience of your driving experience.

At AGD Tempe, we provide you with cost-efficient and quality options for your automotive tint. What we offer are quality, durable, and scratch resistant films. We take pride in our clean application process done by our highly-skilled technicians. No cracking, no peeling, no bubbling, and no color change guaranteed. We will help you throughout the selection process so you can be sure to get the best value for your money.

All of our window tinting packages are fine options, but one may fit your needs better than the others do. Let’s take a look at your specific needs.

Give us a call or visit our shop for inquiries, quotations, and instant appointments!


A vehicle’s side mirrors are in place for safety purposes so that the driver can be aware of the surroundings while driving. These mirrors need regular maintenance and adjustment to ensure safety of the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

Side mirrors can be damaged through regular wear and tear, minor accidents, or even vandalism. Damaged side mirrors need immediate fix. Although it is a simple task to repair or even replace side mirrors, we recommend that you let technical experts do the job. There are times when a side mirror repair might also require additional body work depending on the damage.

Here at AGD Tempe, we make sure that your side mirror gets the fix it needs to get you safely back on the road. Our technicians will assess the damage of your mirrors and recommend the type of work to be done. We guarantee efficiency and affordability. We also use quality materials for the repair or replacement of your mirrors.

Give us a call or visit us in our shop for inquiries, quotations, and immediate appointments.

RV Windshield & Window Replacement Services

Any time’s a good time to hit the road in your RV but when your vehicle’s windows or windshield accumulates damage or breakage, it could affect your leisure time and slow you down. Here at AGD Tempe, we understand that situations happen and you need someone you can rely on to fix your RV windshield or window. We have state of the art technology to accommodate all of your RV windshield or window replacement needs. We enforce the highest degree of professionalism when it comes to making sure your RV windows get fixed correctly the first time. We want you back in the road safely so you can enjoy your time with your loved ones.

RV Windshield & Window Repair & Replacement Services

Whether it’s foggy windows or chips on the windshield, we can seamlessly repair your RV windshield keeping you and your family safe. AGD can do any type of RV window repair or replacement that you need done. Our materials are only of the best quality and price. We also offer mobile services where you can enjoy the convenience of high-quality service wherever you are located. We can assist you and work directly with your insurance carrier as well.

RV Window Tint

We also offer RV window tinting services. There are many advantages to tinting your RV windows and it’s time that you benefit from them. Tinting your RV will help keep your power consumption down. It will block harmful UV rays from entering your RV. You can also enjoy reduced glare and help prevent your RV interior from fading due to sun damage. You can retain the value of your RV with high quality window tint. Find out about our state of the art RV window tinting services and the best options for your vehicle.

If you need your RV windows repaired, replaced or tinted, give us a call. We would love to assist you. Contact us for inquiries, quotations, and instant appointments!


Power windows are convenient and helpful as they allow you to focus on driving. They are also a safety feature- giving the driver convenient access to the opening or closing of the passenger windows of the vehicle.

Power windows can stop working without warning. If your power window is stuck, falling down into the door, moving slowly or broken, it is likely that your window regulator, window motor, switch or cable pulley is damaged or no longer functioning. Over time the window regulator which is the device that controls your automatic window can wear out from normal use and can even become damaged just from minor accidents. The window regulator is the part that guides the side glass in your vehicle to slide up and down. The window motor is the part that drives the regulator to function. When a problem with your power windows is left unfixed, your vehicle is vulnerable to theft or vandalism, rain and dirt damage or problems with washing your car. It also just makes for an unpleasant driving experience. Furthermore, malfunctioning power windows are a safety issue as passengers may need to exit through windows in case of an emergency.

At AGD Tempe, we can repair window regulators on any make and any model of vehicle to keep your power windows functioning properly in order to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Our trained technicians will carefully inspect your windows, get to the root of the problem, and make the necessary repairs to get you safely on your way again.

Don’t leave your car open to further damage or possible theft. Get your automatic window repair done today. Give us a call or visit us in our shop for inquiries, quotations, and immediate appointments.


Immediate and efficient replacement on damaged auto glass is what we guarantee. There is no need for hassle or stress in repairing or replacing your vehicle’s windshield. Here at AGD Tempe, we come and do the job right where you are and right when you need it. We aim to make sure that your auto glass replacement is as convenient as possible for you by providing free mobile replacement wherever you are in the area.


We will give you the same quality and care we offer in our glass replacement service shop in AGD Tempe. Our specialist will arrive on site in one of our fully stocked vehicles, ensuring that all of your vehicle issues can be resolved at the same time.  We will replace your windshield or other forms of auto glass quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained technicians use only the best materials. Because your safety, satisfaction, and convenience are important to us, we guarantee that you will safely be back on the road in the quickest time possible.

Get in touch with us for inquiries, quotations, and immediate appointments. Call us or visit our shop.


AGD fleet management aims to control and reduce costs, maximize profitability, and mitigate risks of your fleet of vehicles. We provide a full range of services which cover the lifecycle of your vehicle. We also have a convenient program for quality service assistance.

We have several options for managing your fleet of vehicles. We will help you determine the best program that will be a perfect fit to your specific needs. We assist with many types of vehicles and all types of auto glass for nearly every industry. Below are some of the fleet vehicle types that we service:

  • Rental vehicles
  • Taxi cab services
  • Construction vehicles
  • Heavy equipment vehicles
  • Specialty trucks
  • School buses
  • Transport buses
  • Commercial cars & trucks and many more

AGD Tempe has put together a convenient and simple fleet program for our partners. We utilize web-based software (free to partners), where a fleet may login and submit a repair or replacement and let us know what date you need the job completed. Apart from convenient repairs and replacements, we can install auto and commercial tint as well.

You can be assured that at an affordable price, you will get high quality in managing your fleet of vehicles.

If you are interested in hearing more about our program and our referral rates, please call 602-741-6865.

Give us a call of visit our shop today in Tempe to get started on fleet management!

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