ClickCease Ford F-100 Windshield Replacement in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona (AZ)

Ford F-100 Windshield Replacement in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona

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A windshield on a Ford F-100 can be more prone to chips and cracks when driven on Arizona roads. Chips and cracks can occur on your driving your Ford F-100 due to flying rocks and other road debris. When the windshield on your Ford F-100 gets a chip or crack would require your windshield to be replaced.

Replacing the windshield on a Ford F-100 is a multi-step procedure so that the windshield can be removed safely without causing the windshield to shatter or damage to the frame where the windshield lays. That is why we recommend you to hire a professional that has the required knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job. First the trim around the windshield will need to be removed. Once the trim is removed a special tool is used to pry the windshield out from the frame and not cause any bodily damage to the frame. After carefully prying the windshield out with the special tool the windshield can be removed and replaced with the new windshield with the correct shape, size, and technology specs required for your Ford F-100 is installed with a strong adhesive to insure the windshield is held in place. Installing and removing the windshield on your Ford F-100 correctly is important to insure the safety of the driver and passenger(s).

Driving your Ford F-100 in Arizona with a damaged windshield is against the Law, if pulled over you may be subject to fines. Please give us a call and allow us to assess your windshield and provide experienced windshield replacement services for your Ford F-100.

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