Window Tint FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions for window tint services that we get from customers that might help you out!

What is window tint?

Window Tint is a series of plastic ply’s each having its own chemical makeup of technologies , some of the most popular ply’s consist of Ceramic , Inferred, Carbon and Metallic . 

What are the benefits of window tint?

Some of the most common benefits of window tint are UV protection , Heat rejection , Privacy and of course Appearance.  

Is the window tint applied on the inside or the outside of my vehicle windows?

Window Tint in most cases is applied on the inside of the glass , but almost in every case the window tint is cut to pattern on the outside of the glass .

Will the AM/FM radio be disturbed by the tint?

Some auto makers have designed the antenna for a vehicle to be manufactured inside the glass , in this case only certain films can be applied to that particular window in which holds the antenna to assure no disruption to radio frequency .

How long does it take to tint my vehicle?

In most cases window tint installation takes 1.5-2 hrs to install on a common 4dr sedan.  Additional time is needed on larger vehicles IE. SUV’s, as well if there is old window tint needing to be removed .

I just had my windows tinted, why do they look blemished?

Window tint is applied with soap and water to assure proper positioning of tint when being installed , when the process of application is finished it is normal for water to still be in the film . Which this water will evaporate on its own over time , usually within 24-48hrs .

How long after my windows are tinted before I can roll them down?

It is recommended not to roll down your windows for 24-48hrs depending on climate and temperature . This is because the film needs proper drying time to allow not to slip when windows are in use .

What can I use on my vehicle windows after I have had my windows tinted

You can use common glass cleaning products consisting of , water , soap and any other glass cleaners that DO NOT have ammonia properties with in . This is to protect the film .

Do I have to remove old window tint before putting on new tint?

Yes you always want to remove old window tint when applying new window tint . Do to warranty purposes and proper tacking of the new window tint being installed

Why does some window tint turn purple?

Window tint that turns purple is due to the tint being produced without any color stabilizers IE. Ceramics and metallic’s in which assist in holding the dyes in the film to its  standard and avoiding break down of the ply’s.

Can I match my front two doors with window tint, that matches my privacy glass in the back?

In most cases 20% VLT (Visual light transformation) rated window tint is the best option when matching OEM factory privacy glass .

Can I darken my factory privacy glass?

Yes you can darken factory privacy glass with window tint. But it is told to exercise caution when picking your window tint for this application , where the wrong film chosen can darken your glass so much that may result in poor visibility when driving at night .

Can window tint help to increase my safety and security?

Yes window tint acts as an additional layer of protection in the case your vehicles glass were to be broken , which then the window tint would hold the shattered glass in place until proper installation of new auto glass is prepared .

When blocking UV rays, how does it help with preventing fading and deterioration?

This is a known benefit of window tint , when blocking the sun’s ultra violet rays it assures a longer life span of your vehicles interior from drying out and fading. Also assisting passengers in the vehicle of exposure to these harmful rays.    

Can window tint be applied to any surface

It is most recommended to be applied only to glass , but technology now into the 21st century have created products that can be applied to plastics , granite and more protecting their surfaces.

Can window tint lower energy costs?

It has been said in most cases window film acts as a barrier from radiating heat entering in , with this said the film is treated as a insult which helps applications that it is being used on perform more accurately and under less strain resulting in lower energy cost . Being AC in the summer or Heater in the winter .

How does window tint improve year round comfort?

Similar to answer stated in FAQ #16 , but as well limiting light transformation through such windows while at certain times of the year when the sun is positioned different .

How does window tint reduce glare?

With the additional layer of window tint being applied and its shading helps lower the VLT (visual light transformation) resulting in less glare while light is transitioning through the glass .

Can window tint help with privacy?

Yes depending on the shading chosen to apply to the glass ,will decrease the visibility through the glass. Which it is always recommended to check with state law before applying any window tint to assure the proper visibility through the glass is following guidelines of how the law is written . This will save you additional out of pocket money if you are told different from law enforcement and having to remove and re install new tint .

How do the window tint percentages work?

The most common window tint percentages used are 5% , 20% 35% and 50% . Which the lower the number the darker shade of the window tint . Example:  5% popularly know as limo tint.