ClickCease Residential Window Film Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Arizona

Residential Window Film FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions for residential window film services that we get from customers that might help you out!

What is the purpose of having my home windows tinted?

Tinting home windows has many benefits. In the hot summer months, quality film such as ceramic has a very high heat restriction, preventing the heat from entering the home. As well, as keeping the cool air from the homes air conditioning unit inside. In the cold winter months, the film continues to trap the temperature in the home, keeping the heat from your heater inside, rather than being affected by the exterior temperatures. Tinting home windows also adds a benefit of privacy, depending on the intensity of the film you choose, it can be difficult for those on the outside, to peer inside.

What are the different residential window films that you offer?

At Auto Glass Direct & Tint, we offer the preferred and recommended Suntek films, all certified to protect you from harmful UV rays. Suntek provides three specific types of films; Solar, Security, and Specialty. All films are provided with multiple different colors and shades. For a free quote and sample, call us today at 480-289-5108 or email us at [email protected].

What is Solar Film?

Solar film is provided for all commercial, residential, and automotive glass and window tinting.  Solar film can be a reflective material, neutral, as well as a complete black out material, where you can not see through glass. Reflective material is commonly found on the outside of commercial buildings creating a mirror effect so that those on the outside can not see in, but those inside can see out. Neutral film and material products are primarily found on residential and automotive windows and glass, and can be seen through both sides of the glass. Neutral film can come in many different shades with a change of the intensity of the film. Black out material can be found in malls on the bottom of a store front glass window, if there are wires or storage compartments that do not need to be seen on either side of the glass or windows. All film options offer great heat reduction, sun glare, and prevent from fading in the sun.

What is Security Film?

Security films are designed to protect and prevent glass from being shattered. Security film comes in many different densities. The thicker the film, the harder it is to break or shatter the glass it is applied to. Security film that is four  millimeters thick takes 55 pounds of force to break through, six millimeter film takes 65 pounds of force to break, eight millimeter film takes  75 pounds of force, and the strongest security film that is 12 millimeters thick takes 125 pounds of force to break through. This specific type of film can be found on glass or windows that are within the perimeters of a shower, incase an occupant is to fall and hit their head on the glass, the security film prevents the glass from shattering and hurting the person who has fallen.

What is Specialty Film?

Specialty film is designed to enhance the appearance of glass or windows, while providing heat restriction, sun glare, and privacy protection. Black out film is straight black on either side and cannot be seen through on either sides of the glass. This can be found on the bottom of strip mall glass where wires or storage may be found. White Mat film is a frosted material that is commonly found in bathrooms on the perimeter of a glass shower. Shadows of those inside can be seen however it is not completely transparent. A 2 way mirror limo tint is also offered and can be placed on residential glass. This material can be pre cut before installation, as it does not need to be shrunk to fit the glass.