Residential Window Film FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions for residential window film services that we get from customers that might help you out!

What is the purpose of having my home windows tinted?

Residential film has many different benefits, residential film will allow you to enjoy the suns natural light coming into the home, reducing heat, glare and all the harmful UV rays that come with it. The reduction of heat coming through the windows will allow your home to stay cooler during the day which means your ac won’t be running as much.

What are the different Residential window films do you offer?

We use SunTek brand Window Film who have a big variety of different films. The three main types are Solar, Security Films, and specialty films, which each will have its own subgroups of film styles.

What is Solar Film?

Solar film subgroups include different benefits such as reflective, Dual-Reflective, sputtered and Neutral products. This style is great for any type of architectural style or budget providing you with great heat reduction, glare, and sun fading.

What is Security Film?

Security Films are designed for safety while also giving the benefits of heat reduction and Anti-Graffiti.

What is Specialty Film?

Specialty Films designed so that it can be used on interior or exterior glass to enhance privacy in a more decorative way.