Power Window Repair FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions for power window repair services that we get from customers that might help you out!

What is a regulator?

A regulator is a mechanism that is on the inside of the car door panel that moves the window up and down.

How does a regulator work?

Depending on the Vehicle, A window regulator either functions manually or electrical power. If the window regulator is a manual mechanism that means the window is rolled up and down by spinning a leaver by hand. If the window is powered by electricity, the window regulator is then connected to a motor that will move the regulator to roll the window up or down with a push of a button or switch.

What common indicators to know if you need to replace window regulator?

  • Window won’t roll up or down.
  • Window dropped inside the door and won’t come back up.
  • Unusual sound when rolling the window up or down.
  • Window moves at a slant when rolled up and down.

What is a power window master switch?

A power window master switch is connected to the driver door. The master switch contains multiple different keys, depending on the vehicle the master switch usually contains two or more keys to control the movement of the windows in the vehicle, control keys to move the side mirrors, and a key the locks and unlocks the doors from the inside.

How to know if the master switch needs replacing?

If a window does not roll up or down by pressing the key on the master but that same window will roll up or down from when the key is pressed on the switch connected to door, then the master switch is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

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