Paint Protection film FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions for paint protection film services that we get from customers that might help you out!

What is paint protection film ?

Paint Protection Film is a strong, reliable layer of protection against damage caused by rocks, insects and other road debris.

How does paint protection film PF protect?

Paint Protection Film has Self-healing technology to repair scratches with heat from the sun or engine. While it also increases stain and limiting surface accumulation of water and dirt to keep gloss finish.

Can I wax paint protection film?

Yes, wax can be added to paint protection for added protection.

Can I take my car through a car wash?

It is preferred to wait 3 days before washing the car, you can take your car through a car wash. We recommend to hand wash the vehicle.

What is a Clear Bra?

A clear bra is clear paint protection film that is a nearly invisible layer that helps defend against all major hazards of paint such as rocks, salt, insets and road debris.

What type of Clear Bra coverage options can you do?

We will install a clear bra paint protection film on any part of the car of your choosing, but the four-clear bra paint protection film kits that we offer are partial front, partial plus, full front, and full wrap.

What the clear bra partial front kit cover?

The partial front kit will cover the full front bumper, headlights, mirrors, partial fenders, and partial hood.

What the clear bra partial plus kit cover?

The partial plus kit will cover the full hood, full front bumper, partial fenders, mirrors, and headlights. 

What the clear bra full front kit cover?

The full front kit will cover the full hood, full fenders, full front bumper, mirrors, and headlights.

What the clear bra full wrap kit cover?

The full wrap kit covers the full hood, roof & trunk, full fenders and quarters, full front and rear bumpers, full doors and rocker panels, mirrors & pillars, and headlights.