Commercial & Residential Glass Replacement FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions for commercial & residential glass replacement services that we get from customers that might help you out!

Do you offer a financing program?

Yes, we do have a financing program that we offer. For more detailed information about our financing program feel free to contact us at any time.

Approximately how long will it take to get new glass installed?

From the time and date of getting measurements it takes approximately 24-72 hours to get the ordered glass. You can expect the installation of the glass to take several hours but that all depends on the size of the window and glass. However, During the time of having one of our guys getting measurements of your window(s), they can inform you of time expectancy of installation.   

What do you charge to have someone come out for measurements to get a quote?

We will send someone out to you free of charge to get the measurement and give you a quote. 

Do you take insurance for my home or commercial building glass replacement?

Yes, we do accept home/Commercial insurance for glass replacement as long as you have coverage.

How much will it cost to have new glass installed?

The cost of new glass replacement depends on the size, whether it’s a sliding door/window, or stationary window, and if it’s a single or double pane.