ClickCease Residential and Commercial Glass Warranty

Residential and Commercial Glass Warranty

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Arizona Residential/ Commercial Glass replacement warranty

Limited Warranty

Auto Glass Direct warrants the installation of new Residential/ Commercial glass to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any defects shall be reported to Auto Glass direct at the time of walk through inspection after installation by the responsible party of residence or commercial location. Otherwise the responsible party of residence or commercial location shall inform Auto Glass Direct within 24 hours of discovery of any defects in material or workmanship. Under no circumstances Shall the Manufacturer or Auto Glass Direct be held accountable to warrant any damages due to vandalism, accidents, theft, natural causes, or self-inflicted damage. If the product has been damaged due to any of those listed including any adjustments done by a none Auto Glass Direct technician the warranty shall no longer be in effect. This warranty is only offered to the owner of residence/ commercial location and is not transferable.

How long is warranty coverage?

The warranty for new residential/ commercial glass installation is subject to 5 years from original invoice date.

What is covered?

Single panel glass and Insulated glass is warranted for defects in the seal, stress fractures, discoloration of glass.



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