Why do Automotive headlights become foggy?

Headlights become foggy due to the over exposure to UV rays. The Headlight lens is equipped with a UV resistant coating from the manufacture, as the vehicle ages the headlight lens UV resistant coating begins to weaken thus causing the lens to become foggy.

Will visibility improve if the headlight lens is restored?

Yes, getting your headlight lens restored will improve visibility at night. Getting your headlight lens restored will clear up the lens from the oxidation allowing more light to come out.

How long will my headlights stay clear after getting them restored?

Headlights will stay clear for year due to the amount of sun exposure that we get here in the valley. Our headlight restoration will also come with a one-year warranty.

How long does it take to have both headlights restored?

Getting both headlights restored will take about an hour. In some cases, the oxidation on headlights can be very bad, if your headlights is one of those cases it may be a little longer than an hour.