Commercial Window Tint

Auto Glass Direct provides full-service commercial window tint services in Tempe & Phoenix, Arizona.



Commercial window film not only enhances the look and feel of your office or storefront, it provides added security and energy savings as well. Windows allow the sun’s natural light in but the sun’s light can also be damaging to window displays, create hot spots and glares and overheat rooms, making your customers and employees uncomfortable. Commercial window films still allow natural light in but help control glare, reduce heat and protect furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. At Auto Glass Direct, our commercial window films will help your business allow light in but prevent curious eyes from seeing inside your business. Our commercial window film can help increase security and diminish exterior visibility, protecting the inside of your business, Additional security is provided when you use security window film that prevents glass from shattering, effectively stopping criminals who would try to smash glass and steal from your business. Large windows that keep businesses and storefronts bright and sunny also allow a significant amount of heat in.

Commercial window film can drastically reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of heat let in by windows. Our installers are highly trained and will ensure the commercial window film is installed correctly because your satisfaction is our top priority. At Auto Glass Direct, our commercial window film will create a more comfortable environment for employees and customers, you will save on energy bills and will be able to rest assured that your business has the added security that only commercial window film can provide.


Ultra-VisionDS™ is a high-end, spectrally selective film. It features advanced heat, IR, and UV rejection capabilities and is barely visible. In addition, the window film has ultra low interior and exterior reflectivity, making the view unaltered.


SymphonyDS™ is one of the most popular dual-reflective architectural window film options because it features the best in class heat and UV rejection and is a great choice for both Commercial and Residential applications. This option also provides low reflectivity for unaltered outside viewing.


An alternative to SymphonyDS™, Dual-ReflectiveDS™ gives a different perspective for consumers. It also features a dyed-metal hybrid construction which gives it advanced Heat and UV rejection along with glare reduction, all while giving a warm appearance.


The InfinityDS™ is a sputtered film and offers an elegant appearance which blends well with any home interior. It also features a natural appearance and incredible solar performance.

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