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Car Wraps & Installation


Car Wrap Services

A car is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and many people own cars that they consider to be works of art. For the serious car collector, or just someone who really loves their car, it is important to show off the true beauty of the car and the unique lines and contours that it boasts. Any car can be painted with the standard manufacturer paint and run of the mill colors that everyone else has on the streets but, ordinary is boring and will not display the beauty and style of your car the way you want it to. A vehicle wrap will provide weather protection while letting you put your own personal stamp of style on your vehicle.

With vehicle wraps, the options are far more significant than even a custom paint job would offer. There are different colors, patterns and textures available to create the special look you want for your vehicle. The effects will truly be head turning, whether you choose a vibrant orange or you choose matte black. We use our knowledge and expertise in cutting edge techniques to ensure that you vehicle wrap not only is visually interesting but seamlessly applied for a high end, sleek result. We use knifeless tape to create what is known as a butt joint. Knifeless tape is exactly what it sounds like, a vinyl cutting system that uses tape and filament to cut through vinyl without the use of a knife. It is a safe, easy way to create the exact lines and looks that you want without a precarious and difficult-to-use knife. The tape turns easily and creates a perfect curved line or any shape that you need based on the curvature of the car and shape you hope to achieve. A vehicle wrap will maintain the manufacturer's original paint which will actually help maintain the overall value of the car while offering you a chance to get outside the box and give your vehicle its own unique look. Don't let your vehicle get lost in a sea of similar cars and paint colors. Whether you have an exotic car or anything other kind of car, a vehicle wrap will be interesting and eye catching, something in which you can truly take pride.

Full Wraps

AGD installs full wraps for all vehicles. We use the best materials and have professional installation. The materials used preserve the paint underneath and provide an excellent look.

Racing Stripes

Add racing stripes to your car by utilizing AGDs expertise and knife less installation process. Our wraps are done with precision and installed to last and endure the Arizona heat.

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