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Windshield Tint : Don’t Do it Yourself!

Posted by Jaime Block on Sep 08, 2016

Everything in life tends to be more tempting when it costs less, however, some things you just shouldn’t even try.  For example, using a Do It Yourself auto tint Kit.. seems like a great idea, but for many ends up in a disaster

Installing window film on your vehicle is a phenomenal way to reduce heat & glare from the sun as well as increase privacy inside your car.  Window Tint shops have been around for years, however, as time went on, evolution eventually brought us the oh so famous “DIY KIT” Now what’s the difference?  Why should you hire a professional window tint installer?

Here are just a few of the many reasons:

Every State has Tint Laws

All cities and states have specific limits on how dark you can tint your windows, mainly because dark windows are a safety concern for the cops, especially when they’re pulling someone over, . Professional window tinting companies such as  AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. make it their priority to say up to date on Arizona window film  regulations. While some shops may provide darker-than-legal tint, most shops make sure their customers stay on the right side of the law. DIY kits can’t claim such an assurance.

Tinting Car Windows

Unless you’re purchasing a higher priced professional-grade shade kit, you will more than likely find that the film in a Do It yourself window tint kit is cheap and temperamental when compared to the better quality materials a window film pro uses. If you have never tinted a car window before, window film generally is tough to apply; a slight breeze may cause wrinkles or creases, and you might just find that i’s really hard to keep dust & debris from sticking to the film during installation.
An skilled professional uses a more significant grade film to ensure that it’s applied without this debris.

Easier to do it right the First Time
Even if you effectively apply window film to your car’s windows,although you may not do such a great job.. So try again, right? Not really. Removing window tint is an even more difficult task than the application process. This is due to the sticky adhesive that is used.

Professional Installers Guarantee their work
If a professional window tinting company such as AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co does a poor job, car owners have the right to bring their vehicle back for corrections. If you use a DIY KIT, and make a mistake, you more than likely will not be able to fix the tinting without buying a second kit. Once window tinting has been placed on a window, it can’t be unapplied and put back in the box to return. You basically just ruined your car. That’s something to think about.

What should it cost for quality tint on windows?
DIY kits are use merely to make window tint less expensive. However, low-grade window film doesn’t always supply good results for the car. For example, one of the biggest reasons people are interested in tint in the first place is that they want that extra protection that window film provides to avoid chipping and cracking of the interior. Cheap or poor quality window film, usually doesn’t provide this safety measure.
If done properly, you may get some extra shade on the inside of your car, but a DIY kit does not protect the car over the long haul, especially from the harmful effectsUV RAYS.. After reading these tiny tidbits, it truly makes a lot more sense to just invest in a professional window film company. Think about it, would you ever try something you are not qualified to do, just to save money? If the answer is yes, then we are sure you have experienced a DIY situation before, and have since learned your lesson.

When you decide to get window tint, you will definitely want to do research on AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.  Our tint will not bubble, crack, or falter because of workmanship or application defects.  We can guarantee you that much and more than a DIY Kit could ever offer!  Contact us today for a free quote!

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