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Windshield Claims

Posted by Jaime Block on Dec 19, 2015



Windshield claims apply to chipped, cracked or broken vehicle windshields. In order to make sure your auto insurance will pay for the broken glass on your car, you must make sure you have the correct automotive insurance policy coverage.

What type of Auto Insurance Coverage Will Pay for my Broken Autoglass?

In the event you already carry comprehensive insurance, and your windshield cracks, it’s simple to file a claim to get this repaired (as long as no deductible applies) As you know, the deductible is the quantity of cash you must pay your insurance company before them actually paying out on your claim.

Also, Depending on the state you live in as well as your auto insurance provider, you just may have anoptional glass coverage, which means your insurance will pay out for the repair of your windshield without requiring you to pay a deductible at all. You can find out whether or not you have this deductible by simply logging online to your insurance policy or giving them a quick call.  In that event that your windshield is cracked so badly that you are unable to drive, most Auto glass companies such as AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co., will make the insurance call for you while in the shop.  This is usually the easiest method.

Should I Even fix my Windshield or just Leave it Broken?

If you have comprehensive coverage, or even a specific autoglass coverage option, you’ll be able to file an insurance claim to cover your entire windshield repair or replacement.
However, prior to filing a claim, you should carefully weigh out the information and questions below:
• How substantial is your deductible on your current plan?
• Exactly how much will it cost for your cracked or chipped windshield to be replaced?
• Will your auto insurance premium go up if you were to submit a claim?
Depending on the answers to the above questions, you could possibly choose that the expenses outweigh the advantages of even filing a claim.
Any Insurance claim made on your auto policy, regardless of the cost, can cause your monthly premiums to go up. Insurance Companies refer to this as surcharge.  The majority of vehicle insurance providers will not apply a surcharge with a windshield claim, however if your insurance provider recognizes a habit of frequent claims on your vehicle, you may be reclassified as a high-risk driver & your insurance premiums will go up.  In the event your deductible is high but the repair costs are affordable, it could benefit you more, on a personal level, to avoid adding a claim to your car insurance policy history at all.  As long as it’s affordable, paying out of pocket might be the way to go… for you at least!

What do I need to get started with my claim?

When you’re preparing to submit a claim to get your broken or chipped windshield repaired, you’ll need to provide some basic information:

  • Vehicle make, model, and year.
  • Details regarding the damage.
  • Policy #
  • #
  • Personal information

Making sure you have your info ready ahead of time will help the claims process go smoothly. 

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