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Why Wrap, and not Paint your Vehicle?

Posted by Jaime Block on Nov 13, 2015


Have you ever wondered, “How will I benefit if I wrap my car vs painting it?” A solid vehicle paint job could cost you up to $10k+ based on the quality and color. While a vehicle wrap costs half of that+ depending on the material as well as degree of the job. When deciding on a wrap vs paint, you will realize that the cheaper cost is only a portion of the benefit. Paint quality may differ and it’s more likely you will get what you pay for when it comes to paint.. Cheap paint looks bomb at first, but it will only take a couple of years for that to need a touch up. When you choose the right installer for your wrap, the quality will last for years to come.
So what are the Benefits of Having a Car Wrap?

1.  Options Options Options… we all love options.

Everybody wishes they could get a new car on a yearly basis.  In fact, there are so many good vehicles out there today, that the buying process has become more difficult.  This is where vinyl wraps will allow all of your car fantasies to come true. With 100’s of colors to choose from, this is such a fun way for anyone to express themselves to the world. If after a few years you want another change, just have us remove it & pick your color! Transform your vehicle every few years and keep the rest of the world intrigued.

2. Paint is just plain expensive.  

**A Vinyl Wrap will have a life expectancy of 5-8 years, and for a fraction of the cost of paint.

3.  Resale Value

**Being able to maintain the manufacturers authentic paint will keep the resale value unchanged from a color that becomes worn over time.. Having the choice to keep your vehicle’s original manufacturer color will allow you to maintain your resale value.

4. Installation Time

**Painting a car can take weeks, when done properly. . When it comes to vehicle wraps, AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. will have your car fully transformed within 2 days. Don’t leave yourself stranded, wrap it up with AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.

5. Protection

**Every part of your car that is wrapped in vinyl is protecting your factory paint from all natural hazards of driving. This allows your paint to age naturally and won’t allow it to be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. Vehicle wrap vinyl is an extremely durable material and will work as a shield. Say bye bye to stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards that happen to your car while driving around Arizona.

6. Easiest Maintenance

** Vehicle wraps are incredibly easy to maintain and will look brand-new once again from only hand washing with water and soap. Another effective form of caring for your car wrap is to use a microfiber rag and 70% alcohol to wash away any dirt.

7. Lasts a long Time & is safe and easy to Remove

**High quality vinyls ensure a long lasting product which can even be safely removed. A wrap’s life span is affected by the amount of time it is left outside in the sun. Keeping your vehicle covered will allow you to get the maximum benefit of keeping your wrap for a very long time. The best part is that the vehicle wrap can be removed easily between the 5-8 year period and simply WON’T affect your current paint.

Full Wraps

AGD installs full wraps for all vehicles. We use the best materials and have professional installation. The materials used preserve the paint underneath and provide an excellent look.

Racing Stripes

Add racing stripes to your car by utilizing AGDs expertise and knife less installation process. Our wraps are done with precision and installed to last and endure the Arizona heat.

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