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Getting Window Tint. Your Options.

Posted by Jaime Block on Apr 28, 2016



So you are thinking about Tinting your car’s windows this summer, but you just don’t understand why there are so many options.  Isn’t Tint all the same? Many don’t know this, but Window Tinting is a much more involved process that one would think.  Keep Reading, you will understand.

Window Film, aka Tint is not a new concept by any means. When purchasing a new car, the glass from the factory comes pre-tinted using techniques for coloring that the aftermarket world does not have access to. No Worries, because that aftermarket world has created tons of solutions and options for professional window tinting that will fit your budget. More importantly, it has the ability to give you the exact look that you want and with the assurance that it will be done with precision..

At AGD, Our clean application method is done in a manner to ensure there are not any defects in workmanship * confirmed. Nonetheless, there’s a chance you might want a Tint that carries additional warranties and offers a quality service and product that is best in class. All of our window tinting packages will be good options, yet one may fit your needs better than the others do. Let’s take a look.

At AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co, our most popular Films are the following Three:

Suntek Standard

The Standard line of window tint provides both high quality as well as solid security.
More Specifications:
• A dyed-charcoal structure
• An appearance that is not reflective on both the exterior and interior
• Solid amount of heat, glare & Rejection of Ultra Violet Rays
• Excellent optical quality
• Offers a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Suntek High Performance

SunTek’s High Performance Series is known as a tried & true as well as a product that has proven to work. High Performance window film has been an industry staple since the beginning of it’s time. It truly offers both performance as well as high quality.
Other Benefits & Features :
• Constructed of a dyed metal hybrid
• Options are Charcoal, Bronze or Blue which have proven to improve the overall look of any vehicle
• Outstanding heat rejection and glare reduction for added comfort
• Superb optical clarity
• Comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

Suntek CXP (CarbonXP)

CarbonXP, a next-gen window tint, allows us here at AGD, the opportunity to offer our customers improved performance for high end applications.
More of The Benefits:
• The latest in non metal, nano hybrid, Carbon technology
• Black Finish that is not reflective and will never fade
• Superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection for even more comfort
• Signal enabling technology which causes no interference with signals from cell
phones, the radio, or navigation systems
• Manufacturer Warranty, LifeTime Guarantee, Fading Included

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At AGD, Our window films don’t crack or bubble simply due to workmanship or application defects.  Trust in knowing that we can get you started not just applying, but also choosing the right tint for your vehicle.  Give us a shout today!!

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