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The Importance of Headlight Restoration

Posted by Jaime Block on Mar 01, 2016


Restoring your Headlights…there’s no one other factor that can and will have a bigger influence on the Physical appearance and safety of your vehicle. AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. now offers additional services. We can provide professional headlight restoration as soon as today, so that you can have new car headlights once again. This is certainly much more than just a simple headlight cleaning; it’s a complete as well as long lasting headlight restoration.

Over time the sun’s harmful UV rays, halogen bulb heating, road debris and weather will degrade not just the way your headlights look but also the functioning of your headlight lenses. These factors can result in headlights that look not attractive, while losing their most important feature; the capability to illuminate. AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co has the system that will restore your headlights to their original factory condition but at a way less expensive cost than actually replacing them. With headlight restoration, you can save 85% off the cost of replacement headlights that may range between $400 to $1,500.


The covers on your headlights tend to age rapidly. There is nothing more notable than headlights that make a car look older & in bad condition maintained than a pair of fuzzy, yellow headlights. This is your chance to provide your car with a pretty solid facelift to allow it to appear youthful again and with restored headlights that are clear as crystal. To dramatically improve your car’s resale value and appearance, headlight restoration will take years off of your vehicle’s age.

Our system completely resurfaces the lenses; mechanically wet-sand stripping them of all oxidation, professionally polishing them, and coating them with extremely protective and long lasting sealant…restoring them to their original factory like condition for years to come. Don’t put it off any longer, give your headlights a facelift and they’ll pay you back in spades.


Original Clarity, the outcome of headlight restoration, will most definitely improve your car’s overall appearance. Most importantly, headlight restoration provides safety for the passengers in your car by improving their ability to project light properly. The oxidized plastic refracts and disperses sunlight that’s passing in the cover of the lens, and will reduce the amount of light illuminating the road by up to 75%. When you choose AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co’s professional headlight restoration, your vehicle’s headlights will once again let all of the light through, allowing your headlights to work correctly and efficiently.


Don’t take your headlights for granted..

They won’t tell you they need assistance, but hopefully now you should just know they do!

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