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Seven Tips for Safe Driving during Thanksgiving

Posted by Jaime Block on Nov 25, 2015


Driving during the Holiday Season can get stressful and more difficult for those on the road. Some of the more common acts such as speeding and texting while driving are always just known to be avoided.  Because Safety is such an important factor, AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co has put together a list of thanksgiving driving tips for those things that we don’t do on a regular basis.  Things we need to remember when going on a road trip, especially during the holidays.
**Make sure your vehicle is operating properly by getting the tires, lights, oil, belts, hoses and brake fluid checked prior to leaving for your destination.


**Map out your destination days prior to leaving. Check the news stations and weather to make sure your road ahead is clear from winter weather or accidents. Regardless of whether you have a GPS, we recommend that you also have a paper map in the vehicle at all times, just in case.


**Don’t Speed. Follow the speed limits when roads are clear, and don’t cut people off while driving in traffic.  If you have an aggressive driver on your back, just let them go and hold back from provoking them in any way.


**Make sure you have a good night’s sleep the night prior to departing.  In addition, if driving very long distances, make sure to take breaks every few hours or so. 


**Always be prepared in case of an emergency.  Keep boots, a blanket, jumper cables, air pressure gauge and a flashlight in your trunk.  It is also wise to keep the gas tank at least half full at all times. especially when driving through winter weather.


**This might sound simple but always remember to lock and secure your home before you leave.  Turn your home lights on with timers so people don’t know you are out of town for long periods of time.  If possible, have a neighbor check on the house frequently, just to make sure everything is safe guarded.


Lastly, and most importantly, relax.  Driving during the holiday season is always stressful, which could leave you frustrated and apt to making poor driving decision.  With the right mind set and a little bit of pre-planning, the drive can be an enjoyable time for many.
We know it can be stressful imagining the miles that lay between you & your final destination, therefore a couple of deep breaths once in a while along with a positive attitude can go a long way. Remember to relax and focus on what’s truly important: reaching your destination safely and having fun with friends and family.


Should you happen to encounter a rock, gravel or chip while on the family road trip, remember you left us back at home.  As long as you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your Arizona policy, AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. can fix your broken windshield the day you get back from your trip, and at no cost to you.  Just in case, keep our number handy, you might need to give us a call one of these days.

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