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It’s Important NOT to Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

Posted by Jaime Block on Mar 06, 2016


During even the shortest periods of time, a dog left unattended inside of a car during a hot Arizona day, can lead to nothing but trouble. trouble, not just for yourself, but for the health and well-being of your pet.   At AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co, we make sure our Window Film Clients are educated about the dangers of leaving a pet in the car, and we by no means use window tint as a good way to prevent pet deaths.  Yes, Window tint will help your pet and yourself enjoy the ride a bit more,  but ultimately we warn you about the how dangers affect benefits

IT turns out that it takes only 5 to 10 min for your pet to succumb to the extreme summer time heat. Consider this: your pet can’t know how important it is to remain calm and quiet. She or he anticipates getting out of the car with you, and gets frustrated when left out and starts off pacing around. This increases the heart rate & respiration prior to the heat kicking in.

Yet everyone is likely guilty of stopping for any quick errand en route home from the vet, or running to the bank after a trip to a dog park. However when the bank line seems long, do we abandon the shopping & rush to the car? Hardly enough. That’s why, as much as we like our pets, we need to quit taking them with on those trips that do not welcome them at every stop. Since the guardians and caretakers of our partner animals, it is imperative that we put their best interest first and then leave them at home where they belong in air conditioning. We must also encourage others to perform the same. If people do not understand the dangers, there is an infographic that serves as a quick lesson that any car, parked for any length of time, is simply too hot for a pet.

Stuff you should always keep in Mind

It’s critical to keep in mind that while we love our pets as members of the family we need to respect their physiological variations. The humidity that people call muggy or stifling is harmful and could be deadly to our animals. Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs which will help cool them. Elevated humidity prevents this from happening efficiently & our pets can be in danger quicker than we believe. Add heat with humidity during an Arizona summer day & mix can be deadly. On an 80 degree day of standard humidity, a car will reach 99 deg in 10 min.  

All of this information is important to remember.  Next time you and fido go on a road trip anywhere, make sure you follow these simple rules.  

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