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Not All Window Tinting Is the Same, Know These 3 Differences

Posted by admin on Aug 02, 2017

Getting a window tint for your car comes with a lot of benefits. You have an easier time keeping sunlight out of your face when you are trying to drive. You get more privacy, and you can keep the interior of your vehicle at a more manageable temperature. Tinting definitely comes in handy during the summer months. The prospect of getting window tinting is exciting, but you need to make sure you do your homework. Not all tinting businesses do the same work, so you need to do your homework to ensure you get the best work done.

1. Cheap vs. Premium

Some tinting companies out there advertise as offering cheap products. When it comes to the well-being of your vehicle, it is definitely worth it to invest a little. You should try to find a business that offers premium tinting. The problem with cheaper products is that the film itself is not adhered properly. This causes it to peel off prematurely and bubble. Additionally, premium tinting is more effective at blocking UV rays, so it offers a better layer of protection for your skin.

2. Different Materials

In addition to acquiring a premium window tint, you want to be sure you are getting a material you can trust. There are numerous materials available, including:

  • Dyed Base: Dyed window film is mostly used for its aesthetic, and at first, it will appear black.
  • Carbon Tint: This material does not use any metal, and as a result, it does not affect the capabilities of people‚Äôs phones.
  • Metallized Film: This product is great for reflecting UV rays, and it is incredibly resistant against scratches.
  • Ceramic: It makes the windows shatter-proof, and it is great for reducing glare.

3. Warranties

Getting a great product is only half the battle. You also want to make sure you get it backed up by a high-quality warranty. Most of the time, different materials will come with varying warranties. In general, you want to try to get a lifetime warranty. A shop confident in its services will have no problem offering this. You should immediately be wary of businesses that have no warranty available or have a warranty that comes with a lot of conditions and fine print.

A window tint can be a great thing for your car. Make sure you hire the right professionals to do the job, and you will be able to enjoy the new aesthetic for years to come. Make your car stand out as you are driving through the streets.

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