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New Windshields are Filled with Technology

Posted by admin on Nov 29, 2017

A windshield may just look like a simple molded piece of glass but it is far from it.  In fact, there are many windshields today that incorporate a wide array of technologies that improve both the driver’s experience and safety.  It seems like everything today has smart technology and capabilities and that includes windshields as well!  Many of the newest windshields are being manufactured with smart capabilities, virtually turning your windshield into a computer!  And, while the latest smart technology is something to certainly get excited about, it is not the only advancements in windshield technology.  There is now also Gorilla Glass which is glass that is a fraction of the weight of traditional glass which makes cars more efficient (read: uses less gas), more durable, more optical clarity, smart technology capable, and more.  The way you drive your car and the experience you have inside of it is rapidly changing with the advancements in windshield technology.

Many car owners may scoff at the idea of smart windshields, wondering what the big deal is.  After all, how much would you really use the technology?  Probably a lot more than you think.  When we talk about smart technology in windshields, it is not just about googling directions to the nearest restaurant (though it could be), there are many advanced safety features that could also be incorporated, as PC Mag points out, “Windshields may be getting a smart upgrade in the future, if Toyota has anything to do with it. According to Autoblog, the Japanese automaker has patented augmented reality windshield technology that could keep you better informed about what’s up ahead. Automotive head-up displays already show things like speed and navigation directions on the windshield, the report notes, but Toyota’s patent takes this a step further: it dynamically moves information around to the optimal spot… “An [engine control module] analyzes the steering angle and speed, a front-mounted camera identifies the lane markings, and an interior camera finds the driver’s viewpoint,” the report notes. “By combining this data, the system moves the information around the windshield to be in the best location.” For instance, as you start driving faster and gazing father into the distance, the display will move up and get smaller, so it’s easier to see.”

And, while that technology may still be in development, other smart windshield technology is already a reality.  The Washington Post explains some of the current technology you can find in windshields today, “One of the automotive world’s newest, buzziest upgrades was once offered only for trained jet pilots: heads-up displays, projecting a buffet of colorful information on that once-sacred place of clarity, the car windshield… A tiny projector beams turn-by-turn directions, Twitter notifications and other social-media notes onto a screen above the steering wheel with an intensity that is 40 times brighter than an iPhone, the company said. The system also watches for driver gestures — swipe left in the air to answer a call, swipe right to dismiss a notification — and listens for voice cues to write texts or tweets, which can also be displayed on the screen like an in-car version of Google Glass.”  New technologies in windshields can make driving easier and safer.  While these technologies currently mean higher price tags on windshields, as the technology becomes more commonplace the cost will drop dramatically.

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