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Benefits of using an Independent Auto Glass & Tint Shop vs Dealership

Posted by Jaime Block on Jul 13, 2016


One of the first considerations when making the choice to tint your windows is deciding whether you should just  take your car back to the dealership or just call a local shop. While dealership upgrades and service centers usually deliver quality product, taking the time to locate a reliable local window tint shop will end up being more beneficial long term.

Below are some of the major benefits of choosing an independent Auto Glass & Tint Shop vs going back to the dealership.


Independent tint shops are frequently a more affordable option to the dealership. One key reason for this is that dealerships tend to charge higher hourly labor rates. This is accomplished because dealerships employ mechanics who are manufacturer-trained to execute repairs for a specific make/model. Although this ensures top-quality improvements on your specific car, a local autoglass shop such as AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. is often just as efficient at having the job done. To minimize potential for low quality at independent tint shops, seek out a mechanic that is certified with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).


Most likely, taking your car or truck for tint at an independent shop will be infinitely more hassle-free than driving to the dealership. Dealers are generally located directly off of highways, and could be situated close to residential areas. In comparison, independent autoglass shops tend to set up shop in a location just nearby your house.  Dealerships are actually required to meet customer service standards that are strict from the manufacturer. While this may sound like a reward, it may in the end mean that the dealer is more focused toward appeasing corporate than appeasing a person, the driver. Independent shops, alternatively, live or die by recommendations. As such, they know the importance of taking care of customers so that they will recommend their services to friends as well as family. In the end, this may mean an independent shop will be more willing to go far above the call of duty to make sure you go home a satisfied customer.

Personal Attention:

Corner tint shops also reap the benefits of a certain level of private attention. If you find an independent auto tint shop that you prefer, likelihood is you’ll get to know the technician over time. This personal partnership usually leads to improved service with your car, and may also result in discount prices over time. In comparison, customers rarely get to speak with a mechanic at the dealership. Rather, they talk to service salesmen that serve as middlemen between the consumer and the technician.

As you can clearly see, the answer is simple.  Make your life easier by sticking with the local shop.  There’s never need to go back to a dealer for services such as tint or windshield replacement.  You can get all those services and more here in Tempe at AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.  We treat our customer like family!

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