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How to Prevent a Chip From Spreading With Chip Repair

Posted by admin on Jun 23, 2017

Noticing a chip in your windshield is never a good feeling. Even if it’s relatively small right now, glass chips have a nasty tendency to expand into larger cracks or fractures. Here’s how to prevent a chip from spreading with windshield chip repair.

Move Quickly

First of all, it’s important to get the chip repaired as soon as possible. The crack may expand for a number of reasons, and over time the damage to the glass will grow. Expansion may be caused by temperature changes, since very cold or very warm weather will make the glass expand and contract. The weak point created by the chip can cause the windshield to crack further.

The crack in your window can also grow due to any stress or strain put on the windshield, or because of water flowing into and through the gap. The chip will be easier to repair when it’s still small, so be sure to move quickly.

Another good reason to get the chip fixed as soon as possible is that the break in the glass can collect debris and dirt. Even windshield wiper fluid can leave residue inside. This accumulated gunk can be difficult to clean out later, and future repair attempts can seal it in permanently and leave a mark on the windshield. For the cleanest, clearest repair, the chip should be fixed within a few days of the initial damage.

Be Careful

In the meantime, be careful with the chip. Park your car in the shade to prevent temperature swings or water leakage, so that you can keep the chip from growing larger while you wait for repairs. Drive carefully so that you avoid further jolts or stresses.

Some drivers have found that temporary application of clear tape or colorless nail polish can prevent the crack from spreading too much while they wait for a windshield chip repair. If you apply anything to your windshield, though, be sure you clean out the chip thoroughly first.

Get It Fixed

Be aware of which situations require windshield chip repair, and which might require more extensive work or even windshield replacement. If the chip is near the center of the windshield, a minor fix might be fine, but damage closer to the edge can break the windshield’s seal and might require full replacement. Also, small chips can usually be fixed easily, but larger cracks might not.

Finally, be sure to get help with your windshield chip repair. Auto glass companies can often fill in small chips and make your windshield look as good as new. With professional repair, you can prevent any windshield chips from spreading.

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