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How States Are Legislating Autonomous Vehicles

Posted by admin on Aug 17, 2017

The world is still a few years off from having autonomous vehicles roaming the streets. However, it is a reality people need to prepare for. As such, many states have begun passing legislation on how these cars can be used once they become more commonplace. Laws are likely going to change and become more detailed as the country gets closer to this automated reality, so it is important to remain in the loop.

Laws in Arizona

Arizona has been particularly welcoming for self-driving cars to get onto roadways. All action taken have been in the form of executive orders by Governor Doug Ducey. For instance, he established the Self-Driving Vehicle Oversight Committee. This team will consist of various professionals who work in public safety and transportation departments. Some of the members include Tim Bee from the University of Arizona, Kevin Biesty from the Arizona Department of Transportation and Courtney Coolidge from the Department of Public Safety. These professionals will work to develop and research new and existing technologies to develop more policies on how autonomous vehicles will be brought into the state.

The executive order also did not over-regulate the companies wanting to test self-driving cars in the state. It is also malleable enough to where changes can be made in the future if required. The goal of this executive order is to promote economic growth. Self-driving vehicles are the way of the future, and Arizona is clearly wanting to get in on the action early.

Arizona Allows Uber to Test Autonomous Cars

Initially, Uber wanted to test out its self-driving cars in San Francisco. However, the company faced many regulations. The company has been welcomed with open arms in Arizona. With its open roads and climate, Arizona is an ideal space for Uber to see if its autonomous cars are viable. There have been instances of Uber’s self-driving vehicles being involved with collisions, but in those cases, the accidents have been a result of the other driver. As advanced as self-driving technology can be, it cannot always account for everything, and the potential for human error is always going to be unpredictable.

Every state has its own unique set of laws about autonomous vehicles, but it seems for the most part that most states are open to the idea of having these cars on the streets. There is still some time to get adequate regulations in place before self-driving cars are prevalent. It is good work is being done now to legislate these vehicles so that the country can be ready once more people start using these vehicles.

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