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Is your Vehicle Ready for the hot summer ahead?

Posted by Jaime Block on Feb 04, 2016


It’s February and spring is just around the corner.  Is your vehicle ready for the heat of the summer?  AGD Auto Glass & Tint knows the benefits of window tint especially, during these hot Arizona summers.  There are many reasons to tint your windows and we may think we know them well enought, however there are benefits of auto glass tinting that you may have never thought of. 

Added safety- Not one most people thinks of when deciding to get window tint.  Regular windows are made to reduce injury when broken. Window tint adds an extra layer of protection by keeping all of the broken glass in one piece.  Eliminating flying glass lowers risk of injury substantially!

UV Blocking- Window tint blocks up to 99% of the suns UV rays.  If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle you know how intense the sun can be.  Any chance you can block harmful UV rays from not only you but your loved ones you have to jump on them! Especially if it is as simple as having your windows tinted!

Added Security- Having tinted windows increases privacy in your vehicle.  If they can’t see what you have in your vehicle they may be less inclined to break in. Not only not being able to see what is in your vehicle but also breaking the window is now much more difficult.  Taking more time and making their chances of getting caught much more likely and less likely they will try!

Cooler Interior- Surely you know window tinting can keep your interior cooler but did you know it can be 60% cooler! Window tinting also blocks up to 71% solar energy keeping that beautiful interior much more comfortable and prevent overuse of the AC.

Eliminates Sun Damage on Interior- Keeping the interior cooler is important for comfort but the benefits go far beyond comfort.  Eliminating harmful UV rays will prevent your interior from fading and cracking.  Keeping your interior looking brand new for years to come.

Less Glare- Cutting down on glaring sun improves your view and lessoning the chance of an accident.  Just like wearing a pair of sunglasses, window tinting protects your eyes from the suns strong rays. 

Of course one of the best reasons is it makes your vehicle look sharp!  Window tint can make an ordinary vehicle look amazing and at the same time provide all of these extra benefits!  What’s not to love about that!

AGD Auto Glass & Tint has extensive experience in the auto window glass industry.  We have been growing since 2000 and specialize in auto glass repair, windshield repair & replacement, auto glass replacement and window film & tinting.  We provide commercial and residential window tinting.  We are so confident in our experience we proudly say our service is surpassed by none.  Handling the auto glass, residential and commercial needs of our clients while being totally committed to excellent customer service.


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