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Hey, you Broke my Windshield

Posted by Jaime Block on Nov 04, 2015


That’s me in the picture, after the whole Windshield ordeal.  

So here’s the story.. 

I really wanted to get my car washed a few weeks ago, but didn’t have too much time.  So very perfectly there was a local chain of car washes in the area and on my way to my next appointment.   I pulled up to the self serve machine and was approached by an attendant.  He kept trying to upsell me on windshield replacement.  To be quite honest, my windshield was fine, and he couldn’t pinpoint any cracks for me so I just told him I wasn’t interested.  This delayed my time and frustration with getting to my appointment on time, but I actually made it thankfully.

A few days after I went through that car wash, I noticed, all of a sudden, a giant crack through the center of my windshield…  NO JOKE. “HOW ODD”    I thought to myself.


and all i could wonder was whether or not that car wash actually cracked my windshield.

After I saw the crack, refrained from calling the car wash company as I knew they wouldn’t accept the blame, nor did  I want that shady company touching my car ever again.

Luckily this was covered under my Arizona Auto Insurance Policy and I happened to find a great company just on google.  I called AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co and they had a technician out to replace my windshield the very same day.  

As for the car wash chain, which I will refrain from naming, not only did they lose a customer but I slammed them on google and yelp.  How could a car wash have cracked my windshield, I don’t know, but if it happened to me, it can surely happen to you.

Auto-glass shops, such as AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co, send auto glass technicians directly to their customer’s office or home and always at a convenient time to complete windshield repairs or replacements. This is a huge convenience for customers, & AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. completes your job within 48 hours or less.  For me this was the Fast and Efficient way. 

AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. 

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