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Here we go again. What do I buy HIM for Christmas?

Posted by Jaime Block on Dec 11, 2015

It’s that time of year again.  The time for laughing, loving, celebrating and giving. When I was a kid, the holidays were a much less stressful time of year.  I always looked forward to receiving gifts, and never had to worry about the giving part.  But that was back when I was a kid.
Just like everyone else, i eventually grew up, got married and had kids.  this christmas will be #5 with my husband, although we have been together for 8 years.  I’ve never once given him something he has not liked, but every year i stuggle to find that perfect gift.
It’s pretty easy to buy gifts for the kids.  Most of the time they just tell you what they want, and trust me their lists have enough on them to keep a toy store in business forever.
For my husband, however, it’s always such a chore.  I ask him what he wants, but he says “nothing” so then begins the search.
So far, I have done a pretty good job at getting him things he needs, but I have yet to buy him something i know he wants, but would never spend the money on himself.  This year, that has been the major focus of my “hunt for the perfect gift”
At first, I thought, well he loves concerts, so i could get him tickets to see a band he loves and that would probably make him happy.  At the same time, I always feel like a gift should be something that he can use in his daily life.
So as I’m thinking, with my mind racing trying to scramble and figure it out, there’s are some other things I have thought of:
Clothes – NO
Electronics – He’s got everything
Tickets – good idea but I believe it’s a waste of money
A Nice Dinner – We can get that any time of year
Then I thought of this…… Golf Clubs.  He needs a new set of golf clubs.  Well he wants one, but he doesn’t necessarily need one.  So as i ventured out on my journey yesterday to find him the perfect set of golf clubs, I drove by a little shop on the corner that i see frequently but never really payed attn to.
On the storefront window i read the words “autoglass tint” and it hit me.  I stopped suddenly in my route, made a huge u turn and parked in front of this store named AGD Auto glass & Tint Co.
I went inside and met a man named Mike.  We talked for a while and I asked him what he thought ( supposing he was on my husband’s end ) of getting a gift like window tint for Christmas.  Mike replied with “every guy would want something car related, why not?”  
So within those few minutes of a conversation, I drove away from AGD Auto Glass & Tint co. with a huge smile on my face.  Why you ask?  Because I just bought my husband the best gift I have ever gotten him for the holidays, a gift certificate so he can go get his windows tinted.  I know he will be super excited.
So for all of you ladies out there struggling to find your significant other a holiday gift, there’s one place to go.  AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.  From one woman to another, it’s a great idea.
Happy Holidays to All!!  And Good Luck with your holiday shopping.
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