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Make 2016 your Summer to Get Window Tint

Posted by Jaime Block on Feb 21, 2016


Getting oil changes, tune ups and tire rotations are the “known” maintenance that every car owner anticipates and participates in.  Because you spend the time and money on the mechanics of the vehicle, have you ever thought about the aesthetics and interior of the vehicle?  

Window Tint, aka, Window Film is automatically thought of as an add-on that just makes the car look good, however, it also offers long-lasting functional benefits to protect your vehicle and the riders inside.


Reduction of Interior Fading

Your car is a valuable asset that you want to last as long as possible. Having window film installed professionally on your car from AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. is one good way to protect such an expensive investment. Window tint prevents sunshine that can discolor vinyl & leather along with fading. It safeguards the vehicle’s interior from becoming cracked & warn, which ultimately keeps your car looking new a lot longer. In addition, Window film can block the glare from your windshield which ultimately will decrease the fatiguing of your eyes while driving in the direct sunlight.

UV Ray Blockage

Vehicle window tinting can block up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays tend to accelerate the aging of skin and have the potential to cause skin cancer. Even the lightest shades of window tint or a small % of tint will block out both UVA & UVB rays. Because we drive on the left side, our left side is more exposed to the sun, and as a result of that 53% of skin cancers in the United States occur specifically on the left side of your body. If you are someone who spends a ton of time driving, window film protection offers a vital advantage to safeguard from this risk.

Rejection of Solar Heat

Window Film can also solve the problem many people have regarding temperature in the car. It blocks the sun, thus reducing the heat internally, making for a more comfy ride. Depending on the grade, window film can block between 35-65% of the solar heat up that tends to build up in a vehicle. When driving with passengers, you have the ability to balance comfort as well as temperature for all, and will help reduce the fuel consumption caused by having the AC on too much.

Protection from Shattered Glass

Never underestimate the benefits (safety especially) of having window tint installed on your vehicle. Window film is designed to prevent the windshield glass from shattering if it is struck by some object. If you were to get into a collision, you can rest assured that the passengers will be protected from soaring shards of glass. Furthermore, you are less likely to get robbed or have your car broken into just simply because a thief won’t be able to see inside.  At AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co, it is our top priority to keep our customer safe.

Security and Privacy are a top priority

Window tinting comes in a variety of shading to supply a level of personal privacy for you & your passengers while driving. You will worry less about leaving valuables in the car because again, potential thieves cannot see inside. The advantages of installing tint for your car’s windows include more than just making your car look sexy. It can and certainly will add piece of mind when considering overall protection of yourself as well as your passengers.

If you have always wanted to get tint, there’s no time like the present.  AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co has almost 20 years experience in Arizona Tinting Windows on all vehicles including commercial and fleet vehicles.


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