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Features & Benefits of Automotive Window Film

Posted by Jaime Block on Sep 11, 2016


There are tons of automotive “extras” that you could add to your vehicle to make it look and feel better to suite your needs.  However, from the list of accessories or add-ons, we believe window tint (film) might be the most widely recognized one.

An incredible number of vehicle owners choose to tint their vehicle’s windows, so much that window tint is turning out to be progressively mainstream these days.  On the road, you will often find that tinted window vehicles actually outweigh the number of non-tinted.  Pay attention one day while driving and you will see.

Tinting the windows on your vehicle isn’t only a stylish component, window film has other special advantages as well.

Safety & Security:

As a matter of first importance and maybe the most widely recognized reasons is protection. Tinted windows hide (to a specific degree) what’s inside of your car or truck, while different drivers might be looking inside for things to steal. It’s really a great way to allow potential thieves to think twice about stealing. Leaving anything of value exposed such as a camera, cell phone or a laptop on the back or passenger seat invites bad people to steal it. By getting window film, you will feel at least at ease knowing that leaving valuables in your car won’t be a bad idea.

Reduction of Heat:

Another significant reason for getting window film is that the tinted film makes the interior of your car much cooler during the Hot Arizona Summertime. During the hot summer days. it actually does reduce heat generated from the direct sunlight, which in turn decreases your car’s inside temperature. Low transparency window film has proven to reduce the heat inside of your car by 70%, which is a big consideration to take when you live in Arizona,

In Addition, you may even use less energy since your ac will not have to work as hard to keep your car’s exterior cool. Just as well, direct sunlight can and will damage leather inside of your car or even discolor the interior.  AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co Recommends getting our premium product, SunTek HP, which is a metalized film with 99% UV rejection and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Keeps the Sunlight out of your Car:

Window Film provides health benefits believe it or not. It’s not a secret that being directly exposed to the sun or it’s UV Rays just is not a bright idea. Quality window film from AGD,  has the ability to block up to 90% of harmful UV rays to keep the skin protected while in the car. Being in direct sunlight while driving can expose you to such things like sunburn. Because of this, we recommend you keep your sunglasses on and get the right window film for protecting you and your loved ones.

It’s even more crucial if you suffer from any sort of sun allergies or skin conditions.

Keeps Glass from Shattering:

In the instance that you have an auto collision, the film will  protect your windows from shattering as best as it can. Window film has a tendency to hold the little pieces of glass together, even after the window breaks.  If you happen to find yourself in an accident, and decided to tint those windows, you’ll definitely be patting yourself on the back. It’s definitely not something we think about in advance, but prevention is truly the best safety. Shattered glass can get into the eyes or scratch the skin, causing harm to you or your passengers.

Most people think of tint only for aesthetic reasons, but here at AGD, we know better.  We have been around since 2001 and have installed window tint on thousands of vehicles over the years.  We know the ins and outs and all the good stuff in between.

Has this article got you thinking about Window Tint? If so, give us a shout!

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