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Does Your Windshield Need Repair or Replacement?

Posted by admin on May 13, 2017

Determining the best course of action when handling windshield repair doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, there are different options out there that are easy to accomplish at a low cost. However, it can be more difficult determining whether a windshield should be simply repaired or completely replaced. Here are some things to consider before taking the next step in dealing with a car’s windshield.

Chips Can Often Be Easily Fixed, But Cracks Are More Worrisome

Noticing a small chip is common and easy to repair, but cracks can be a different story entirely. Any driver who spends a lot of time on the road, especially in varying weather conditions and across different terrain, is undoubtedly going to experience such afflictions at one point or another. Therefore, it’s best to understand how best to proceed when the inevitable happens.

Small chips in windshields can be caused by many things, generally from small gravel or debris flying up from the roadway. Windshield repair at this juncture can be necessary, but thankfully can be easily handled. Generally, chips only require that a special resin be injected into the spot itself, acting as a connective brace that will keep the windshield intact.

However, if the chip is large or if it’s in the direct eye line of the driver and causing vision problems, it can be reason enough to replace.

Cracks are often a bigger problem, though it also depends upon the severity of the issue. If a crack is less than six inches long, it’s likely that a simple repair can be administered. This process is often completed by drilling holes into either end of the crack, keeping it from spreading.

Unfortunately, if there are multiple cracks across the glass, if it’s affecting the driver’s eye line, or if the driver lives in an area of intense heat or cold, cracks should be taken more seriously and windshield repair should become a higher priority.

Therefore, as with many things, the best answer can only be applied after considering the extent of the damage. There are convenient methods for getting a windshield repaired, and most professionals can have the work done quickly for a low price.

When in Doubt, Seek Professional Help

Windshield repair can be handled with little stress, but it should be done right for everyone’s safety. If small repairs are an option without damaging the integrity of the glass, then go for it. However, taking precautions with larger problems like extended cracks or multiple chips and asking for professional help (or simply replacing the windshield altogether) should be the higher priority.

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