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Cracked Windshield: Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by Jaime Block on Apr 06, 2016


If you have ever had a crack in your windshield before, and we bet you have, here are some do’s and don’ts that you will want to consider.

If Your Windshield is Definitely Cracked, here are a few things you should DO:

  • Determine the length and width of the crack or chip to determine its size. If the crack is less than twelve inches long, or if the chip is so small you can barely see it, this damage could possibly be repaired without having to replace the whole entire windshield itself.
  • If you’re just about to drive your vehicle prior to repairing the windshield, be positive that the chip or crack does not interfere with your view of the road.
  • Safeguard against debris. Dirt and grime that sneaks into a chip or crack can make it more difficult to repair. Putting a small piece of clear tape on top of the point of impact will definitely help some, but you have to make absolute sure the tape is not blocking your view of the road either.
  • Avoid the Sun like the Plague. Make sure you Park inside of a garage or in an area that is shady or near trees. If you allow heat to build up in your vehicle, this can actually make the windshield weak and cause the crack to grow larger much quicker.
  • Call an auto glass shop in the phoenix/Tempe area such as AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co. that is recognized as a top quality auto glass provider in the area. . Make sure the glass company is certified and has well established trained technicians. Just as well, a mobile auto glass shop will make the repair process quick and easy. Some Auto Glass Providers such as AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co can come out to your home or work the very next day or sometimes that same day.

The Following list of things are what we recommend you “DON’T DO” if you find a crack in that windshield of yours:

  • Never ignore the issue because it won’t just go away. Smaller cracks & rock-chips, known as “bulls-eyes” will spread if not they are not repaired in a timely manner. If the crack is large enough to impair your driving visibility, you could end up with a traffic ticket
  • Don’t drive the vehicle if a crack is longer than 12 inches or perhaps if a chip is greater in size than one quarter. The stability of the windshield has been damaged.
  • Do not blast your ac or use the defroster in your vehicle on high. Extremes hot or cold, in temperature are in no way a good thing for a damaged or chipped windshield. If you have to defrost your windows, warm the vehicle up first gradually by simply using the heater.
  • Do not jolt your car or windows. Try to avoid slamming doors when the windows are all the way up. When extra pressure is created inside the vehicle this can cause the crack to spread and quickly become larger.
  • Do not wash your car. Water in the damaged area might cause your windshield to crack further.
  • Don’t go to a general mechanic or autobody shop for windshield replacement or repair. Use an auto-glass-repair specialist such as AGD.

AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co has been serving the entire valley of Phoenix for almost 20 years.  Our trained technicians have the ability to replace a broken windshield not only in a timely manner, but we come to you, so the process is quick and easy.  Give us a shout Today!

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