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Corning Gorilla Glass Revolutionizes the Automotive Windshield Market

Posted by admin on Sep 06, 2017

Corning Gorilla Glass is not new, it has been around in the tech industry for some time, but they have recently brought their technology to the automobile industry.  Whether you knew it or not, Gorilla Glass has been protecting smartphones including iPhones for quite a few years.  What sets Corning Gorilla Glass apart?  Corning provides a helpful description of the technology behind Gorilla Glass, “That’s because the thinnest, lightest-weight windshield in automotive history is also the toughest glass barrier ever created. At the same time, it offers a brilliant, distortion-free window to the world. At the heart of this revolutionary windshield is Corning® Gorilla® Glass – the chemically strengthened cover glass on more than 4.5 billion electronic devices worldwide… Since the Gorilla Glass inner layer measures about a half-millimeter, it weighs as much as 76% less than conventional inner layers. Consequently, the weight of the overall laminate can drop as much as 40% – a significant factor in boosting fuel economy and lowering harmful emissions. What’s more, windshields made with Gorilla Glass for Automotive have proved themselves tough enough to survive a wide variety of everyday road hazards.”

Corning Gorilla Glass is not just being used for windshields but sunroofs, lights, dashboards  rear windows, touch-screen steering wheel displays, and control panels to provide a far more fuel efficient and safe car as well as a dramatically enhanced driving experience. For automobile owners looking for the ultimate driving experience while being eco-friendly and saving on gas, Corning Gorilla Glass is the answer.  Many automobile manufacturers are beginning to utilize Gorilla Glass in their cars but automobile owners can also have their car retrofitted with Gorilla Glass and installed by experienced professionals such as AGD.

All automakers are trying to create a lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicle – it is simply the future.  And Corning Gorilla Glass is making the future possible in a myriad of car brands.   Gorilla Glass is not only thinner and lighter but is damage and scratch resistant as well.  Investing in Gorilla Glass for your vehicle is one that is sure to pay off in the long run because your windshield will be much more durable and you will save on the cost of fuel since you will use significantly less.  Though the glass is very similar to the glass used in smartphones, tablets, and televisions, it has added chemical durability so that it can handle the different elements that a car will encounter.  As consumers continue to expect the kind of technology in their smartphones in their homes and wherever they go they want that same quality in their vehicles glass and interior options.  There is no doubt about it, Corning Gorilla Glass is the automotive glass of the future and makes a significant impact on the quality of your driving experience as well as provides significant fuel savings.

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