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Cool Down your Car this Summer

Posted by Jaime Block on Jun 20, 2016

summer car

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car on a hot summer day.   The Summer Months are fun when you are outside, but the sun & heat can make driving around not fun.  Your car often feels like an oven inside initially then takes forever to cool down to a comfy temperature.

On the bright side, there are a multitude of simple things you can do to help with the heat.   AGD has put together the following tips that will help you stay cooler in your car on these hot summer arizona days.


Auto glass can act like a greenhouse, retaining heat and sunlight, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Even if it is only in the 60’s outdoors, the direct sunshine through the windows can lead to the interior temperature to elevate to more than 110 degrees. Since we are well aware of this problem by now, there are some ways to assist in keeping your car cool by lessening how much heat passing through your car’s windows:

*Sun shades: Sun shades are a fantastic purchase simply because they block the direct rays that come directly into your car. This in turn keeps the temps a tad bit lower, which can help your automobile cool down quicker once the vehicle starts.

*Tinted windows: A more, yet constant way to block the sun’s rays is with the use of window film. Just because your car doesn’t come out of the showroom with tinted windows, that doesn’t mean you are SOL!!

There are several reputable window film companies throughout the state of Arizona, most notably AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.

*Covered parking: Should you not have window film or a sun shade, a helpful alternative may simply be parking in a covered spot or just in the shade.

*Crack open the windows: Due to the fact that windows hold warm air, leaving them to remain open just a little bit while your vehicle is parked, can provide slight airflow. If your vehicle has a sunroof, you can even crack the sunroof or make use of the ventilation features as long as it’s not raining. For both sunroofs and windows, merely leave them ajar (less than 1 inch) to reduce the possibility of auto theft.


Sizzling seats can cause discomfort. Because of this, you might consider purchasing a car that has cloth seats vs leather. If it is affordable, you could possibly consider buying a car with air-conditioned seats, which circulate cold air all around the backside. Typically, this works by running a porous mesh on the car seat so air can circulate through it. Air circulation is produced by fans inside of the seat. The air is diffused to distribute the cooling down effect throughout the seat and throughout the mesh, cooling the seat’s exterior. If you happen to already have leather seats but want a way to keep the car cooler, you can purchase cooling pads or gel covers. Covering leather seats with a towel can provide some relief because there is insulation between you and your hot seat.


In case your car’s a / c isn’t working adequately or you do not utilize it efficiently, it may take a lot more time for the car to cool than you need. To maximize your vehicle’s cooling ability, turn the AC on full blast immediately when you rev up the engine then slightly open all of your windows until the air inside the car is cool. This helps to enhance cooling performance as the heat (which rises) is going to be pushed out of the car, as the cool air flows from the vents. Once you’ve achieved your required temp, you need to use the car’s air recirculating feature together with the air conditioning to preserve the coldest air.

The cheapest and most effective of all mentioned above is getting those windows tinted.  This is one of the best investments you could make in bettering your entire driving experience during the summertime.  Not so sure?  Give us a shout here at AGD, we will explain the process and get you back on the road driving COOL!

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