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Sun Damage to Car Paint can be Prevented

Posted by Jaime Block on Mar 18, 2016


How to Prevent Sun Damage to Car Paint with Paint Protection

As time passes, the sun can cause damage to your car’s paint. Remember these instructions to learn how to avoid sun-damage to your vehicle’s paint to help keep it looking new much longer.

Similar to the how sun damages the skin, the sun’s rays can affect your vehicle’s paint. Discover ways to protect your car paint from the sun’s elements using these suggestions….

The best way to protect the paint on your vehicle

The strong Arizona sun can wreak havoc on your vehicle, causing corrosion and early fading to its car’s paint. Luckily, the right maintenance routine can keep your brand-new car looking like it just drove off of the dealership.

As you roll through the weekly routine, look for covered parking whenever it is possible. This protects your headlights and rubberized trim, as well as provides shade for the paint.

You can help reduce the majority of the damage from the UV rays, insults & heat brought on by nature, including bugs and bird poop. Here are some straightforward tips to help you begin….

1. Washing your Car often will somewhat help protect the paint

Wash your vehicle often. Washing your vehicle and cleaning it of contamination and grime is the first step. Find a soft cotton mitt, cleaning solution and bucket, and stay out of direct sunlight when you work on the car.  Even if you have difficult deposits like splattered bugs or street tar, never ever try and scratch your car. This could lead to worse problems in the very short term.

2.  Invest in paint protection

If you are looking for something stable and long lasting, many drivers invest in auto paint protection film for their entire car.  Just as well, some use it on their car’s acrylic headlights, which will become pitted from becoming brittle & yellowed in the hot Arizona sun.

Just like any other automotive vehicle detailing option, the paint protection film has the option to be a DIY maintenance technique, but that is not recommended.  It could cause more harm and more money in the long run.

AGD Auto Glass & Tint co recommends using a certified service provider to do this work. Paint Protection can be done by a reputable and local auto glass shop such as AGD.

It does not matter how expensive your car is, there is not one that is actually immune to these damaging effects from the sun’s uv rays. In fact, the more expensive and important your vehicle is to you, the more likely you will want this paint protection.

Interested in learning more about paint protection for your vehicle?  Contact us at AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.

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