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My Auto glass Nightmare: Never Judge a Business by their Offer

Posted by Jaime Block on Jan 29, 2016


Let’s face it, we all make mistakes, especially when it concerns auto repair.  Who knows about car stuff?   Not i, that’s for sure.  So when my windshield cracked to the point of danger, i admit, i panicked.  

Since i had no idea what to do, i looked up autoglass repair on google.  I contacted 3 companies via email.      

 ** One Never Responded

** The First One I Spoke With Offered Me $100 To Come Out And Fix My Windshield, With That I Was Sold

** The third company called me too, and i spoke with one of the guys.  Seemed really nice and great service but i wanted my $100.  He warned me about those scams.  But i wasn’t gonna fall for his scams. So i went with my gut and took the money.  That was my mistake.

*I’m not saying that they didn’t have good service, but the aftermath, that ended up costing me more money.  AND ALL FOR AN OFFER.  

 Beware of Offers Similar to this:


After about 2 weeks post the initial auto glass replacement, I noticed a small fracture in my glass.  When i took a closer look, “oh Chip!!” I gasped.  It was a deep wound, one someone would consider dangerous to drive with.  So of  course I took it right back to auto glass co number 2, the one with the free offer.  Turns out they were not a preferred vendor of my insurance, therefore i was going to get billed.  

Long story short.. my windshield got replaced.  Not by the fraud company, but by AGD Auto Glass & Tint Co.  Luckily AGD was a preferred and covered vender.

At the end of the day, my greediness and lack of research actually costed me $150.  That was after I gave back the $100 because the total billed to my insurance company was $250, that I didn’t even know wasn’t covered..  All the hassle when I could have just gone to AGD in the first place to get a windshield that was free and chipfree for lifetime.. duh.  Lesson Learned.

Do your Research Folks… It’s crazy out there!!

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