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5 Benefits to Using Auto Glass Tint

Posted by admin on May 02, 2017

While auto glass tint can be great for added privacy and giving a vehicle’s exterior a cosmetic upgrade, there are far more benefits of its use to consider. Here are five simple reasons why tinting a car’s windows can lead to more positive effects than originally believed.

1. Reduction of Glare

Hazards while driving can pop up anywhere, but receiving intense glare through the windows can be highly dangerous. Tinting offers prevention from direct beams of light aimed through the windows, keeping any intrusive glare out of the driver’s eyes. Therefore, window tint can actually help people become better drivers, protecting not only themselves but others on the road.

2. Safety and Security

Believe it or not, using auto glass tint can keep the windows of a car more protected, not to mention more secure. Tint can help keep those involved in car accidents or dealing with flying objects on the road from having to suffer with shattered windows. The tinting often adds greater resistance to the glass, keeping it more sturdy and dependable. Meanwhile, the added darkness can keep any and all valuable items out of sight from random strangers when the car is alone, securing everyone’s things from being harmed or stolen.

3. Reduces Heat

The addition of window tint can benefit those inside the vehicle when it comes to scorching temperatures, as it blocks the direct sunlight from entering through the glass. Tint can offer up to 60% greater coverage and shade even in sunny parking spots, allowing for heat reduction overall (as well as preventing extremely hot and uncomfortable seats).

4. Protects Against Skin Damage

If no direct sunlight can penetrate the interior of the car, then the driver and passengers within can avoid the onset of skin damage. For those who spend long hours in their car during their commute to work, the absence of harmful UV rays will help guard against skin damage, including skin cancer. In fact, auto glass tint can block over 90% of UV rays from entering the vehicle.

5. Saves the Owner Money By Staying Cool

High quality window tint may seem like an unnecessary expense, but its benefits can actually help the owner save money in the long run. Less sunlight means less heat, eliminating the need for constantly running the AC and wearing it down too quickly. Furthermore, excessive heat can lead to cracking or warping in the car’s upholstery, causing more problems that will inevitably lead to more costly repairs.

Try Auto Glass Tint and Reap the Rewards

Overall, the advantages to investing in auto glass tint are wide and varied. For those interested in greater protection, less driving hazards and saving money, window tint can be well worth the effort.

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